Hill Tribe Hat – Red Dzao

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I’m in love with these gorgeous little hats!!

A modern copy of the tribal RedDao children’s hat, made new with vintage patchwork, it can be worn by your little groover or even used as an ornament, super cute on a single wall hook as a unique art piece

Please note that these beautiful little pieces are made with recycled fabric & in the homes of the families where the floor is dirt. Some markings may accrue, this is the nature of the hill tribe range and I feel it adds to the charm and story behind each piece.


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40–42cm circumference

3–6 months


The colour and unique detail makes this piece the perfect wearable art for your little one, no two are the same!!

  • Fabric coloured using natural dyes, which may run.
  • Hand Wash
  • Cold Wash
  • Separate Wash
  • Delicate care



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